Michael is a “follower” of Q, in what is commonly known as the QAnon conspiracy theory. I first talked to him one year ago, February 2020. We met on Twitter discussing UFOs, but had a long discussion about QAnon. Michael thought for sure that Trump would win the election, and was quite hopeful about the prospects of a massive wave of arrests of the supposed child-abducting elites.

Since he made some predictions, we agreed to meet again, which we did on Feb 22, 2021. We discussed what did an did not happen, and Micahel good-naturedly tried to convince me (at some length) that there was actually something to Q. We also very briefly discuss UFOs.

Youtube version here

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2 comments on “Episode 51 – Michael: Post Inauguration QAnon Catchup

  1. Danni Mar 13, 2021

    Loved this episode! I love that you guys disagree and can still hold a conversation. This gives me hope that we can still get along in our polarized climate. I’d love to hear more episodes like this. Wish there were more debunking podcasts out there (or maybe I just haven’t found them yet). Thanks for a great listen!

  2. Robert Mar 19, 2021

    A few comments to Michael. I listened to the podcast and found your comments rather lacking in substance when it comes to COVID-19. In regards to scientific data and masks. Yes it exists and I am willing to supply it. Your job suggestion to limit mask use is that it is not effective to protect you at your job. That does not translate to whether or not masks are effective at limiting you from exposing someone to COVID-19. See the difference? At your job it is protecting you. COVID-19 it is protecting others from you. Masks do not stop virus. But people do not spread virus particles. They spread droplets containing virus particles. HCQ does not work when it comes to COVID-19. Thousands of other tested drugs also failed. HCQ failed with SARS, MERS, HIV, chikungunya, dengue, and other viral diseases. I only see sham sites promoting HCQ today. You can provide a link to a study showing otherwise. I am definitely interested in reading more scientific studies on the subject. You mention moving the goal posts. Remember that Trump called HCQ game changer. It is not. You tried to move the goal posts by suggesting it had what sounded like a rather limited effect. Are you aware that I think over 3000 people in the US were injured by HCQ in 2020? These were people that took the drug because Trump recommended it and they were injured by it despite Trump’s own words “what can it hurt?” It’s a drug. It can do good and it can do bad because it is a real drug. I did enjoy your discussion on the podcast but in an area in which I have some knowledge I thought I should suggest a few updates.