“Paradigm Shift” is the name used by a poster on Metabunk. Paradigm Shift had made many posts about 9/11, and the need, as he sees it, for a new investigation to look into the possibility of explosives being used to bring down the twin towers. Online discussions can be slow-moving and fractious, so I asked him to come on the podcast for a more detailed and direct conversation about what we believe, and why we believe it.

Paradigm Shift is a student in his mid-20s. The drum graphic is what he uses as an Avatar on Metabunk.


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One comment on “Episode 18 – Paradigm Shift – A Student With Questions about 9/11 and the Possibility of Explosives

  1. YouWillDie Sep 7, 2019

    You should know, troll, that we have started a massive investigation and your name is on the list of conspiracy theorists covering up this nonsense official explanation. When the time comes, you will be brought to the court and we will find out who are your bosses.