Does a Flat Earther react to world events differently to other people? When you think the world is flat, then you think that the mainstream view of the world is very wrong. Does this carry over to other topics?

I interview a Flat Earther who thinks she has good arguments for the Earth not being a spinning ball in space. She has some questions about Coronavirus but feels a little unable to get them answered, for a variety of reasons.


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3 comments on “Episode 42 – Flat Earth and Coronavirus

  1. Enjoyable episode, though a bit more confrontational than usual! I work in sensors so really identified with the start of the episode. The whole field of sensors exists to give us eyes into things our own senses can’t perceive. I think the only measurable effect from pole to equator is an increased centripetal acceleration, which would result in a 0.3% change in your weight. So 0.3 lbs for a 100 lb person. That’s around the resolution of a bathroom scale, which we use to check our weight because we can’t perceive our own weight to even a pound or two.

    Also, found it interesting that your guest seemed to be equating decisions made by the government and independent hospitals as the responsibility of the media! She seemed worried about freedom to speak as if the media are the ones stopping that?

  2. Basten May 14, 2020

    I listened to the flat earth coronavirus episode this morning. Well, about half of it. The woman you spoke to didn’t say one proper sentence that made any kind of sense. Actually,she didn’t say one proper sentence. If she is representative of the flat earth “community” they are in a bad way and really need some coaching in thinking critically and English expression. Your forbearance in the face of her bottomless ignorance is to be admired.

  3. I just found this podcast this year when I heard Mick as a guest on another podcast. So I have been listening through, in order. I was pleased to hear Sasha back on the program after nearly a year… And infuriated that she had learned nothing And had no intention of learning anything. Anytime Mick referred her to the science, she at first denied it, and then changed the subject. There is no way to enlighten someone who refuses to believe that light exists. I found this Episode to be so heartbreaking because Sasha seems like a lovely person, but she has no real center. She is dogmatically convinced that the earth is flat, and any kind of general knowledge is to be rejected. How can you reason with a person like this? Her thoughts on coronavirus, looking back from the future, are just delusional. I wonder if she re-listened to this and realize that her proposals we’re an acted on many levels, and more than half 1 million people are dead because of it. How do people get so deluded ? Mick is much more kind and patient than I ever could be. For all the good it does.