Jen Senko is the director of the documentary film The Brainwashing of my Dad, released in 2016. The film tells the story of how her father had a drastic change in personality after slowly getting sucked into a rabbit hole of conservative talk radio. This was very interesting to me, not simply for the whole rabbit-hole aspect, but also because partisan media often traffics in conspiracy theories (like Obama being a Muslim.) Jen does a great job of examining the history of right wing media, going back to Goldwater, Nixon, and Roger Ailes.

While her perspective might seem too left-wing for many people, I encourage you to give it a go. It features several people who tell their own stories – some about their friends and relatives, and some who were sucked in themselves, and eventually escaped.

The last third of the documentary covers the tactics of disinformation used by partisan media, which should be of interest regardless of your politics.

The Brainwashing of my Dad is available on most major streaming services and on DVD.


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3 comments on “Episode 10: Jen Senko – Director of “The Brainwashing of my Dad”

  1. Media does have a big Effect NPR is a good example of what I call propaganda , , Drudge only links stories . Clearly she feels the same way I Do but just the opposite , So welcome to America , The only difference is she doesn’t listen to Rush or right wing media , I listen to all , She calls for Boycotts of media I , I do not , Liberal Bias

  2. No Big Money behind NPR ? Should I list their sponsors starting with Google Facebook Joyce Foundation (SOROS) On and on , NPR , National Propaganda Radio ,She needs to interview all the people no longer listening or watching to CNN , Young people are brainwashed by Teacher, College professors to be leftist , MSNBC leans anti Trump ? HITLER ? She couldn’t convince anyone on the right She is TOO FAR LEFT ,

  3. Seems I can find many more examples of Anger on the left and violence , The left owns Occupy Wall Street Antifa , BlackLivesMatter , shall we talk about violence ? Tea Party was never violent , You might say Charlotsville was on the right but I dont Know of one person one talk show host or one right leaning News Network that supported that , I can find numerous examples of news networks and politicians on the left that supported all Three Leftist organizations , BLM inspired Dallas Cop killings , I can bring numerous examples of Trump supporters being assaulted as well because of rhetoric like hers and the media that is outright dangerous , The pot calling the kettle black. ​